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Nonviolent NZ Communities

Bringing Authentic and Compassionate Communication to Individuals, Communities and Organisations 

Based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Centre of Nonviolent Communication and

Daniel Goleman and Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

Counselling and Life Coaching

Let us help you gain CLARITY!!!

When you have it, you see and understand things clearly. You'll understand where you are on your path and which direction you'll choose from where you are.

Without clarity, you feel confused or you send mixed message into the world; thus, people may not fully understand what you are saying, needing or wanting, not even you.

In this situation, conflict arises in at home, work or business.

At home you may have little children or a difficult teen or you think your spouse is not being open enough.

At the office employees seem disgruntled, unproductive or uncooperative.

Each of these situations is likely by a lack of communication or miscommunication.

It helps you to see and recognise how your own needs are or are not met, so that you can know what to seek to enrich your own life. After all, how can you ask for what you want and need when you don't know what that looks like?

Counselling comes to help where there is no clarity in desires, thoughts or in your heart. You are not clear of what to do next or what to wish for. Strategies are not available when needs and wants are not clear.

We guarantee, that even after one session, you'll feel enlightened and empowered. If you don't, we will NOT charge you.

$ 110/session

Email to book a session.