Nonviolent NZ Communities

Bringing Authentic and Compassionate Communication to Individuals, Communities and Organisations 

Based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Centre of Nonviolent Communication and

Daniel Goleman and Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

"My intention is to build a culture of nonviolent, authentic and empowering communication within families, communities, groups and organisations. Join me for learning and sharing nonviolence toward ourselves and all others." Camelia P.

Designed for groups and organisations, the NVC training programme could be structured to fit your organisation’s requirements.

The content is tailored to address your organisation's profile, culture and type/industry.

Each foundation course consists of nine workshops and each workshop is a building block of learning, understanding and self-reflection that supports the objectives of the following workshop.

The final workshops consolidate the learning in the previous workshops and bring into fruition a fully integrated internal map of what empowering, connecting and compassionate communication can sound, look and feel like.

SEMINAR Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

In the introduction, you will catch a glimpse Nonviolent Communication at work and of how a shift in perspective can enhance greater immediate compassion for yourself and others. Bring a recent situation or issue that you want to work on in this presentation and interactive group session.


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Level 1

Discovery Sessions

Discovery sessions - 5 weeks, 2 hour workshop/week.

FOCUS ON: Intention, Attention, Observation, Feelings and Needs

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Level 2

Self Empathy Sessions

Self Empathy Sessions - 4 weeks, 2 hour workshop/week.

FOCUS ON: Self-Empathy, Mourning and Forgiving, Reclaiming Power of Choice, Appreciation and Celebration.

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Level 3

Empathy Sessions

Empathy Sessions - 4 weeks, 2 hour workshop/week

FOCUS ON: Tuning to profound connection to unblock the empathy, Realize Empathy, Expressing Honestly, Anger.

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Level 4

Making Requests Sessions

Making Requests Sessions - 5 weeks, 2 hour workshop/week

FOCUS ON: Requests to self and others, Receiving and delivering difficult messages, How to say NO without feeling guilty and How to respond to NO, Resolving conflicts, Mediate conflicts or inner conflicts.

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