Nonviolent NZ Communities

Bringing Authentic and Compassionate Communication to Individuals, Communities and Organisations 

Based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Centre of Nonviolent Communication and

Daniel Goleman and Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

What people say

"The work related exercises were very inspiring. To summarize, great course full of interesting theories and practice, but more crucial, a new way to think about self and human relations." Mirela Zang

"Thank you Camelia for opening my eyes to the practical side of Emotional Intelligence. This short introduction provided me with a view of how practical and every day application of emotional intelligence and strategies lead to personal emotional wellbeing and leadership success, not just academic theory." Rob C.

"The training programme is full of examples, individual and group exercises and activities and they are related not only to business and work, but family, and personal life as well. So this course helped me become a better leader, AND a better (more aware) person as well. It helped me understand my inner "me" and how to interact with other people." Fiona J.

"The workshops are engaging. This was an excellent life time opportunity - though to really get the most out of it required me to do some serious thinking about myself and my life choices and relationships." Beverley G.

 "I have applied most of the learning which took me seriously out of my comfort/passive zone as a leader. And I know... that it just changed my life!" Steve McIntire

"Outstanding course on all levels. I learnt so much. Camelia was personable, engaging and inspiring. She has an easygoing manner and explains all clearly. I am looking at ways to incorporate what I have learned. Highly recommended. I obtained a certificate as well!!" Margaret Taylor

"I am leading a team of support workers, and I took this course because I wanted to improve my leadership skills. I had took some courses within my former employer, so I can hardly do any comparison. But I can say that Camelia's was an outstanding training programme. One of the best I undertook. Practice and theory." Jeff Homes